Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World Radio Day

World Radio Day

It is World Radio Day today (13 February).  In July 1969 Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.  Imagine going to the moon without Radio communication.  I was laying in bed listening to the radio as the moon landing happened. Shortly after that in December 1970 I build my first radio. It was a medium wave crystal set.  You could faintly hear the music and speech with earphones in a quiet environment! (Photo of the crystal set)


Today it is possible to listen to radio via the internet, mobile phones.  High quality broadcasts is now being done digitally.

I had the privilege to be interviewed several times on the radio. The first time I spoke live on radio was around 1998 on Radio Tygerberg.  I was with the Western Cape Homeschooling Association at that stage. It seemed as if everybody heard the interview!  It proved and convinced me of the power of radio.

Recently I have spoken on RSG and Radio Pulpit on MegaVoice and its audio Bibles.  It is not uncommon to be contacted one year later by somebody that heard the interview on the radio!

Let us pray for Christian Radio Today. This reminds me of a recent conference on the role of Radio in Missions.  There were speakers from Trans World Radio, FEBA Radio and Radio Chiuanjota in Mozambique.  You can download the audio presentations at  bit.ly/J2EnJp

Pray for the presenters and technical teams.  Pray for those selecting and deciding on programs. May the Holy Spirit guide them and lead them.

Organisations that comes to mind (This a small selection!):

 Let’s get involved by praying, giving and going.

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