Friday, October 30, 2009

Excellent Customer Service

Today our electric lawnmower which just yesterday returned from the repair shop started smelling like an electrical fire. On investigation it was clear that the motor windings are about to cause a short circuit. The motor housing was above 100 degrees centigrade. I took the lawnmower back to the repair shop. After investigation they acknowledged that it was their fault that caused the problem. A small washer was not fitted correctly and caused damage to the windings.

Thirty minutes later the problem was solved and the repair shop not only acknowledged that it was their fault they also repaired the lawnmower free of charge.

Excellent customer service is good for business! I will certainly return and do more business with them when appropriate. In time like this economic down turn good customer service differentiate businesses.

Thank you to Rudi and Shane from The Lawnmower Shop!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mobile Operator Customer Care Survey

There is a saying: "The customer is king" In today's world it is however not always the truth. With this survey we endeavour to gather information to improve customer service in the mobile industry. If you are a cellphone / mobile user, please complete this short survey.

It is important to get feedback from different operators and regions.

I will publish the results on this blog by mid November.

Click here to participate in the survey