Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Privilege of Living in the Light

We often don't realise and appreciate our privileges!  The South African economy is currently in the situation where there is labour unrest. Our currency the Rand has depreciated against all major currencies.  Lives have been lost at our mines during recent strikes.  There are forces causing tension between different race, cultural, religious and gender groups.

Lights in Pretoria / Tshwane 10 October 2012
About a week ago large areas of Pretoria / Tshwane did not have power for several hours!  The cause of the power failure was a fire under transmission lines.   Tonight as I was walking in our suburb I suddenly realized that all the streetlights are working!  The houses have power and there are lights all over as can be seen in the photo.  It is such a privilege!  There are millions in Africa and all over the world that do not have the privilege of running water, electricity and light!

There is also a spiritual light.  God’s Word says in Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” In His light you will see a bright eternal future.  You life will have purpose and meaning.  Without His light the economic situation, your family, your marriage, your employment, the political situation, the level of corruption will let you stumble in darkness.

May you be encouraged to look up to Him who has life’s answers.  His Word is the owner’s manual for us - the human race.  Read it, listen to it, study it, and apply it to your life and you will be transformed! 

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